AILACTE Journal Volume XIII Call for Manuscripts

The AILACTE Journal is a refereed journal with national representation on its editorial review board published by The Association of Independent Liberal Arts Colleges for Teacher Education.  Each issue is nonthematic.  The journal, published annually, is soliciting manu¬scripts addressing issues related to teacher education within the liberal arts context; including teaching and learning, pre-service and in-service education, research and practice related to the preparation and development of teachers, and other related topics.  Project descriptions, research reports, theoretical papers, papers espousing a particular point of view and descriptions of activities or issues pertinent to the education and professional development of teachers at the local, state or national level would be appropriate topics for the journal.

Criteria for submitting a manuscript:
Authors must submit their manuscripts electronically as email attachments by July 1, 2016 to the following email address:    Manuscripts must comply with The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Sixth Edition (2010) for format and style and not exceed 15 pages, double spaced.  Within the body of the manuscript, authors must disguise all identifying information that could compromise our blind review process.  Manuscripts must contain the following:

• a cover page that contains the title, abstract, keywords, and all authors’ names, highest degree earned, titles, and institutional affiliations, in order of authorship;
• a title page that contains only the complete manuscript title, abstract (150-word maximum), and keywords, and;
• the body of the manuscript that also contains a running head (no more than 50 characters) and uses a pagination format that adheres to APA style guidelines.

In a separate file, authors are requested to send the following: 
• complete name, postal mailing address, email address, and telephone numbers (including cell phones if appropriate) of each author on the manuscript, and;
• a separate page that contains autobiographical sketches of each author (comprised of three to five sentences for each).

In light of our blind review process, please address all correspondence to the AILACTE Journal email address

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