St. Bonaventure University

The hallmark of all of St. Bonaventure University's programs is extensive field experience.  We believe in an apprenticeship model for becoming and education professional which means that our students are constantly on site in a variety of educational institutions in our area.


  • Elementary Education, Elementary Special Education, Elementary/Early Childhood Education and Childhood Studies
  • Physical Education and Sport Studies
  • Master's degree programs in Literacy, Differentiated Instruction, Adolescence Education, School, Community Mental Health Counseling and Educational Leadership

Clinical Experiences:

Undergraduate teacher candidates complete 1000 clock hours in school before graduation.  They do extensive field experiences of two full days per week for two semesters before student teaching.  Graduate students have internships and practica that often greatly exceed state minimums.

Degrees awarded through teacher preparation:

  • BSED, Elementary Education
  • BSED, Elementary/Special Education
  • BSED, Elementary/Early Childhood Education
  • BSED, Physical Education
  • MSED, Adolescence Education
  • MSED, Adolescent Literacy
  • MSED, Childhood Literacy
  • MSED, Differentiated Instruction
  • MSED, Differentiated Instruction/Students with Disabilities
  • MSED, School Counseling
  • MSED, Educational Leadership
  • Advanced Certificates in School Counseling, School Building Leader and School District Leader

Enrollment in various programs:

  • Elementary Education: 157
  • Physical Education: 28
  • Adolescence Education: 10
  • Literacy: 41
  • Differentiated Instruction: 55
  • School Counseling: 52
  • Educational Leadership: 35

Contact: Joseph Zimmer, Dean, School of Education,