Member Highlights - LaGrange College

Dr. Sharon Livingston Dr. Don Livingston

Drs. Sharon and Don Livingston were honored as past-presidents of the Georgia Association of Educational researchers. Drs. Livingston continue to serve GERA as the editors of the peer reviewed academic journal the Georgia Educational Researcher.

Dr. Sharon Livingston was elected as the first President of the Georgia Association of Assessment Directors Association. Dr. Sharon germinated the organization as a way for assessment directors to share concerns and keep current on state and national issues.

Dr. Don Livingston was selected to serve on the Georgia Professional Standards Commission Tiered Certification Task Force. By the end of 2013, a teaching career in Georgia may change in a very significant way. The  Tiered Certification Task Force purpose is to conceptualize and develop a career plan that will assure advancement in the profession based on higher levels of teaching effectiveness. Although we are just in the preliminary stages of the process, what is on the table now is to have teachers progress through 5 career levels:

Pre-Service Certificate
Induction Certificate
Professional Certificate
Teacher Leader I Certificate
Teacher Leader II Certificate